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SecurityDoor: Premium Retractable Gate
  • Double vertical steel uprights (12mm x 12mm).
  • 3mm thickness flights (crosses).
  • 4-sided support when closed - available in French style.
  • No plastic (nylon) components.
  • Variety of 8 - colours polyester powder coated.
  • Extruded aluminium bottom track.
  • Steel formed top track.
  • Double locks (1 x slam-lock & 1 x dead-lock).
  • Insurance and SAIA - A-rated and approved.

SecurityDoor: Trellis Window - Fixture
  • Fixed trellis barrier.
  • Twin uprights (12mm x 12mm steel tubing).
  • 3mm thickness flights (crosses).
  • U-Channel around fixture for finishing.
  • 4-sided support fixed grill.
  • No plastic (nylon) components.
  • Variety of 8 - colours polyester powder coated.

SecurityDoor: Trellis Window - Retractable
  • Retractable, sliding trellis barrier.
  • Twin uprights (12mm x 12mm steel tubing).
  • 3mm thickness flights (crosses).
  • 4-sided support when closed - available in French style.
  • No plastic (nylon) components.
  • Variety of 8 - colours polyester powder coated.
  • Extruded aluminium bottom track.
  • Steel formed top track.
  • Double locks ( 1 x slam-lock & 1 x dead-lock).

SecurityDoor Solid: Steel Swing Gate
  • Ultra-lock.
  • Single Steel Swing Gate - Ideal for kitchens.
  • Single 12mm x 12mm uprights.
  • 3mm flights can be added to resemble trellis pattern gate design.
  • Steel cover can also be placed onto gate to close off visibility.
  • Custom designs can be manufactured on request.
  • Variety of 8 - colours polyester powder coated.

SecurityDoor DIY: Steel Swing Gate
  • Easy to Install retractable, expandable, swivel DIY gate.
  • Ideal for low security area where loss of door space might be a problem.
  • Single Uprights 12mm x 12mm with lock-bar.
  • 2 sided support, custom made in a variety of 8 colours.

General Security Door Specifications:
  • All our processes are ISO 9001:2000 approved.
  • Products are SAIA-A-Rated and approved.
  • Products are Insurance approved.
  • 7 year written Warranty on all products installed inside.
  • All our Trellis gates include 2 locks (Slam-lock and Dead-lock).
  • Unique draw and lockbar protection.
  • Double vertical A-grade Steel uprights (12mm x 12mm).
  • Flights (crosses) 3mm.
  • 4-sided support except DIY product (2-sided support).

  • Double locks (1x slam-lock & 1 x dead-lock) except solid, fixtures and swing gate.
  • Fixed grills or retractable, expandable options for windows.
  • No Plastic (nylon) components.
  • Extruded aluminium bottom tracks.
  • Steel formed top track.
  • Installation within 3 to 5 working days.
  • Custom made to all sizes.
  • Variety of 8 different Colours.
  • Polyester powder coated.

Security Steel Sliding or Swing Pallisade Gates & Fences
  • Choice of Hot or Cold metal available.
  • Different thickness of metal available.
  • Doggy Bars and various spike options available.
  • Height of Gates 1.8 - 2.4metres.
  • Width of Gates 1.8 - 6metres.
  • Height of Fences 1.8 - 2.4metres.
  • Length of Fences - Kilometres.
  • All gates primed with red oxide.
  • Additional painted colours are available on request.
  • Small jobs Installed within 10 days complete - excluding gate motors.
Security Concrete Precast Walling & Palisade Fencing
  • Variety of heights available on precast concrete walling from 1.5m - 2.4metres.
  • Variety of patterns and colours available.
  • Lengths of kilometres available on request.
  • Specifications on request.
  • Palisade Concrete Fencing available in 1.8m and 2.4m height with or without extended posts and razor wire.
  • 2 year written guarantee on all products and installations.
  • Insurance approved.

Our Concrete Palisade Fencing:

Palisade fencing is becoming the preferred system of security fencing for municipalities and factories in South Africa. Palisade fences offer the advantages of a solid wall which can withstand harsh weathering and wear and tear, with the benefits of a see-through wire-mesh fence that allows security guards to monitor the perimeter for intruders. Very few businesses can claim to have nearly a twenty year history in manufacturing and installing palisades. We've fenced almost anything you care to name; highway verges, factories, sports grounds, cemeteries, water-treatment plants - if there's a large area that needs to be enclosed, we've probably done similar before. And that's the advantage. We've delivered hundreds of kilometres of palisades, and based on our reputation and track record, clients keep coming back.

In general, concrete is becoming the material of choice for palisade fencing for one compelling reason; concrete palisades have no intrinsic scrap value. Meaning that unlike metal or alloy fencing, there is no temptation to steal the fencing for sale as scrap.

And in particular, clients choose our palisades for the strength and durability of our materials. Concrete, like most things comes in different strengths and grades. To achieve maximum strength, our palisades are pre-stressed using the highest grades of concrete and reinforcing. This increases the durability of the fence and inhibits water penetration.

The result is a cost-effective fence that maintains its integrity for many years.

Product Features
  • Each component is pre-stressed for strength and durability
  • Quick to erect
  • See through visibility
  • Difficult to climb over
  • Components have no intrinsic value, i.e. cannot be sold for scrap as are steel palisades
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The expandable trellis security door has been around for some time in South Africa. However, the number of expandable trellis brands has increased dramatically. Traditional fixed security gates do not retract and so they are often impractical in confined spaces. Retractable concertina style security doors come in a tracked option standard sliding door slam lock system -- slam locks are designed to lock instantly if you slam the gate closed quickly; providing an instant secure barrier between yourself and any danger. Although most often used as a door, the system can also be used as a retractable burglar guard on windows -- enabling occupants to use windows to escape the danger in the case of fire or other emergency.

Most people are familiar with Expandable, Retractable, Trellis, Concertina style security gates with locks that are designed to lock instantly if you slam the gate closed quickly to provide instant safe secure barrier between yourself and any danger.

Expandable, Retractable, Trellis, Concertina style burglar guards comprise a bottom track and top rail along which the burglar bars, comprising vertical uprights connected by scissor lattice flights, run assisted. The steel uprights are designed to concertina together making the burglar bars expandable and retractable meaning that the Burglar Gaurds can be pulled to the sides thereby creating an unobstructed window opening. The Burglar Bars can then easily be expanded and locked to secure the window opening, the Burglar Bars can also be fitted with instantly locking locks that lock instantly when the expandable trellis concertina Burglar guard is slammed shut. Retractable Burglar Guards enable people to use windows covered by Expandable, Retractable, Trellis, Concertina burglar bars to exit the building and escape the danger in the case of fire or other emergency.

Securitydoor provides the most specialised insurance approved, anti burglar, crime barrier, crime deterrent, security door and window products, also perimeter products security products these include:

  • Trellis expandable retractable security doors.
  • Trellis expandable retractable or fixed security window protection.
  • Trellis window retractable pattern fixed, window protection.
  • Swing gate protection or DIY Swivel retractable, expandable non track door security.
  • Sliding Palisade gate, Palisade fencing and square tubing cage type protection.
  • Concrete palisade fencing and precast walling.

Securitydoor products exceed the standard in various applications in the commercial, industrial and domestic markets where they are used, and have been tried and tested, these include:

Domestic or residential homes, Clothing stores, Furniture retailers, Government buildings, Hospitals, Motor spares outlets, Banks, Schools, Shopping Malls, and Retirement homes to mention a few.

We support the Johannesburg SPCA as our animal friends are sometimes not the lucky ones protected by security barriers.

The products are maintenance free but in case of having to clean one needs to only use a light soap water mixture, rinse and dry well. Our products are recommended for high, very high and extreme risk areas. Securitydoor is proud to be associated with The Trellis Company, SAIA, Insurance Companies and SABS.

Securitydoor your supplier of quality expandable, retractable sliding doors, gates and other security products.

Endorsements and Certification

SecurityDoor.co.za Solid steel polyester powder coated Securitydoors or Trellis door/s. Custom manufactured Burglar Barriers giving maximum strength. A-Rated sliding Trellis door/s made from stainless steel. A insurance approved securitydoor, the official test house for the South African Insurance Industry and SABS ISO: 9001/200 mark for manufacturing excellence endorsed. Friendly service with quality workmanship and highest product integrity ensure perfect security and peace of mind. Fixed and retractable security doors and barriers for windows for the inside and outside of home or business. Entry security doors, home security retractable barriers, for residential, office, commercial and Industrial protection. Security fixtures and retractables are ideal for Patio security, folding trellis, sliding Security Doors, Trellis door/s, Slam Lock Gates, Security Gates, Burglar guards, Trellis door/s, providing safety for house and home, Door security gates, security gate protection against burglar intrusion, protection trellis gates, security gates and barriers for domestic security. Trellis door/s security concertina doors impact on preventing housebreaking by providing excellent security doors with slam lock Trellis door/s slam lock slam gates, folding security doors and security barriers. Window security retractable securitydoors or windows fixtures non expandable secure your property with Trellis door/s, Trellisgate,Trellis fixtures and doors or sliding security gates. Security retractable expandable securitydoors and fixtures and barriers are crime deterrents necessary for security in South Africa today. Copyright: SecurityDoor

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